logo1ADERE-PG it’s a development association, without lucrative ends, that operates in the 5 Municipalities that have geographic area integrated in the only National Park of Portugal. ADERE, established in 1993, its main purpose is “to contribute, by all legal means to its reach and inside of the vocational profile of its members, for the social, economic and cultural development of the corresponding regions of the municipalities that integrate the Peneda Gerês National Park, in view of their sustainable development”. The purpose of some projects are to contribute for the social and economic development of the intervention regions, as it is the case for the projects of: Recovery and Valuation of the Rural Patrimony; the Landscape and Population Centres in Rural Areas. With the implementation of these projects, we pretend to valorise the intervention territory, improving the resident population quality of life, keeping them in their original territory, increasing their self-confidence. In the other hand, and also in order to preserve this territory of the increasing abandonment of its populations, attract new people to the territory will be certainly,one of the forms to revitalize it. we have implement the project “European Chart of the Sustainable Tourism in the Parks of the North of Portugal”, through which we intend to confer sustainability to the involved territories, allowing that the various  interested parts – Administration, population, economic agents and visitors – find common solutions for their diverse problems. Main areas of intervention are: Local and regional Development and cooperation; training; Sustainable tourism; Reservation Centre; Administration, management and finances. The experience of ADERE in the management and coordination of projects is already great, having in account that its actuation in the territory has been developed since 1993,for several projects, such as: Promotion of Regional Products of the National Park Peneda Gerês Regions; Valorization of the touristic visitation in the PNPG; training in areas like forest guards, handcrafts, rural guides; promotion of the arts and crafts of the region of the PNPG (with a development of a study about the artisans of the regions).

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