Craft and sustainability an holistic approach

Craft and sustainability an holistic approach During these months project partners have been committed to the realization of two major outcomes: the research “Craft and Sustainable Development in Europe” and the identification of “Five cases of excellence” in each country. Partners tried to investigate in the role of craft in modern societies and the relation with the sustainability issues as a different way of prova thinking otherwise. After the analysis in each partner countries we can affirm to have achieved a common understanding of craft: “the application of skills and material-based knowledge to relatively small scale production…may or may not be culturally embedded in the country of production, and which is sold for profit”. Moreover we agree that craft and sustainable development “are intricately connected with the way human beings create and interpret life; with culture and social relations, with use of and relationship with natural materials; and with livelihood and broader economic opportunities”. Sustainable development is more than a concern with climate change and or recycling is a way to look at the world in a holistic way, taking into consideration that environment is a context of relationships that exists and takes on meaning in relation to the beings who inhabit it.

prova 2Therefore sustainable development issues entails:

-  Concern for the longevity of the planet and of life in its multiple forms –  A concern to live in an ecologically sustainable manner –  Commitment to equity and socially just outcomes         – Commitment to democratic and inclusive processes that allow all people to have a say in decisions and actions that effect their present and future life. The goals of sustainable development of craft enterprises should be: –  reduce environmental footprint; –  enhance social equity; –  build resilient  communities; –   develop prosperous, vibrant enterprises and identify new pathways to develop education for sustainability. Next project step will represent the identification of common training contents useful to the craftsmen of today and tomorrow in order to run their activity in a holistic sustainable way.

You can download the research here: /research/

You can see the excellences of Europe here: /research/

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